General Twitch/site (WpE.tv) FAQ

Q: Dual (spoken & written) language?

A: Yes. Primary (spoken) language is Finnish and in (bad) English when needed.

Q: You don’t follow anyone in Twitch?

A: I do follow. I have two accounts. One for streaming and one for personal use.

Q: Where are bot etc commands?

A: Everything is in our Android app. Get it in here

Q: I don’t see any VOD’s or clips?

A: Twitch isn’t YouTube. Twitch is for live shows and for interaction with the broadcaster and fellow viewers. YouTube is for watching videos.

Q: Schedule, I don’t see your schedule?

A: I’m not the privileged one and I can’t afford to be a full-time streamer. I have a full-time job taking 99% of my time and there for I can’t commit to a schedule I most likely can’t keep up with. I try to stream as much as I can and my goal is to stream every single day.

Q: WcE? What’s that?

A: It’s our channel currency, abbreviation from Worst cash Ever and it’s a commodity, meant to circle around n around in mini-games, no point
hoarding it!

Q: Gem? What’s that?

A: It’s our substitute “subscriber” channel currency, one can use it in in-game (subscribers only) commands. Those commands are expensive to use if you are a non-sub! Our lovely subscribers use those commands much cheaper.

Q: Star? What’s that?


Q: Tip Jar? is tipping required?

A: Tipping is never required, and if you do, it’s extremely appreciated!

Tip Jar
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